How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party For Your Spouse

Planning a birthday party is fun. Planning a surprise birthday party for your spouse is exceedingly fun! But of course it is not an easy exercise. There is so much to plan and do that the effort will certainly wear you out. If you are planning to throw a surprise birthday party for your loved one, the tips given in the article below will be of immense use to you. 

Keep your friends and family informed about your plans

First and foremost, you have to keep your friends and family, that is, everyone you expect to see at the event, aware of your plans for the surprise birthday party. Keep them informed above all of the fact that is it a surprise party so encourage them to be as discreet as possible. Tell them to play along well so that you spouse will have absolutely no clue about the event. Get a count of the number of people who would be able to be there on the day while you are at it too. You also pick a good bakery franchise Melbourne and order a birthday cake because that is one of the most important parts of the celebration!

Decide on the venue

You can decide to have the party at your place if you can devise a scheme to get your spouse out of the house for the day. You will have to enlist the support of friends and family to decorate and arrange your place if you choose this option. Take your spouse out by yourself or encourage him/ her to go out with a friend while you take care of the matters at home.

Plan the minute details of the event

You know your spouse best. So only you can take decisions about the elements that will make up the event. You can opt to have right birthday cupcakes delivered on the day to the venue to make the planning process easy. If your spouse prefers a certain type of music, you can hire bands or DJs who will spin the right rhythms. Refreshments for the day could include items that your beloved favors. You should also plan the party décor according to the theme that you have chosen. Encouraging invitees to adhere to a particular dress code will also be a nice little thing to do!

Meticulously plan the dayThe day has to go smoothly without a glitch for everything to be perfect! Inevitably you will get many calls and texts from invitees on the day, but try to keep your conversations as discreet as possible. You will have to pay particular attention to the parking of vehicles of the invitees as the last thing you would want is your spouse seeing all the familiar cars lined up neatly in the driveway before even entering the house!

Happy planning!